Creamy Pesto Dressing from Savory Sweet Life

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Pesto makes everything better, and this dressing is no exception. We're sure you can make a good Caeser, but why not let your fresh green dress to impress with a creamy, garlicky dressing that's sure to get the "Ooooh what's in that" reaction? The busy work week takes planning, and pesto is versatile, so be sure to make a big batch and then take a look at all of the other great recipes Alice Currah has for making your green (pesto) go far.

Crabby Days with Sassy Radish

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Seafood in general can be a little intimidating to cook at home. Let us let you in on a little secret...it's often much easier than meat! Once the mystery (but watch the mercury) is taken out of shellfish, you'll wonder why you ever coughed up $30 for a the soft-shell crab special. How many minutes do they actually take to cook? 2-3. How much prep time is involved? Maybe 15. If you throw in cracking open a beer alongside them as Sassy Radish suggests, maybe 15 1/2. So how do we break down a soft-shell crab night at home? Well luckily this handy Cornmeal-Crusted Soft Shell Crab recipe is ready to go on Sassy's blog. Bonus: her steaming side of hilarious commentary will surely help combat that crabby mood you're in.

Secretly Healthy Cookies from Bake or Break

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We call these "secretly healthy" because they certainly don't taste like it. Bake or Break made these Toffee-Almond Oatmeal Cookies with whole wheat flour on a whim and they've made her Top 10 Favorite Cookies list, which -- given how much baking she's doing -- is saying something. We also like them because these ingredients -- like almonds and oatmeal -- can find homes in all sorts of dishes, keeping you from over-stuffing that cabinet full of baking "stuff" that only comes out to play for cakes and cookies. Happy baking!