Eggs for Dinner with Hooked on Heat

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It's nice to change things up on the ol' dinner rotation. Chicken, beef, pasta, and the occasional takeout order come and go but the mighty egg is a nice cameo to bring onto the supper-scene. This is a great intro-to-Indian dish as well, given that you don't need to invest in a ton of spices to pull this off. Add in the short cook time and it's an all around low-risk high-yield venture to spice up a week night!  Try out Hooked on Heat's Fried Egg Sambal recipe out let us know what you think of the mighty egg -- aka your new main squeeze.

Stalking - in a nice way - with Desire To Inspire

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Desire to Inspire is always posting some really (for the lack of a better word) cool stuff. Warehouse spaces are a wide open canvas, which can be exciting -- and a little intimidating. The elements that have been used to decorate and partition these homes is nothing short of extraordinary, and we're a little humbled by the creativity. Go warehouse stalking with Desire To Inspire and check out the inspired decor that flows through the rooms. Consider it an eye-candy snack for the hungry creative in you.

Spring into Style with Pink of Perfection

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Spring is a time of color, freshness, rebirth -- and oh yes -- revamping that tired closet. The change of season can be a little stressful on the to-do list. It's time to go through last years 'keeps' and 'donates,' and fill in the blanks where your closet needs to connect the dots. Pink of Perfection has done a little legwork for you to showcase how adding a few simple pieces can fill out your fresh look for the warming weather. We love 'simple' and 'uncluttered,' which is exactly what Pink of Perfection employs in this post. She has mastered the art of collecting the right ingredients to create great outfits for both work and play. Check out her easy-breezy elements of style in Spring Uniform: Work and Play.