I Dream of Cake from Sassy Radish

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When Olga from Sassy Radish spends four years perfecting a cake, you can bet your derriere that we're going to be anxiously peering over her shoulder (Boo!). How her dream about chocolate cake landed us with a citrus-y vanilla cake, we're not sure. Then again, don't look a gift horse in the mouth right? After many trials and tweaks (based off of a Paul Deen recipe), Sassy Radish has put forth a perfect layer cake oozing with tart citrus curd and topped with fluffy buttercream.  And to show just how fun she is, she tops it with some rainbow sprinkles. Woman after our own hearts! Gear up to make her Lemony Layer Cake and makes someone's birthday extra tasty!

10 Human Foods to Share by Modern Dog

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Of course, we all want to throw a juicy morsel of food to those hopeful eyes and twitching ears that are just standing by. Many of us wonder, though, what is a treat -- and what is harmful to our furry friends? Modern Dog magazine helps us pick a few dog-friendly human foods that will not only please your pooch, but enhance his health too! Check out 10 Human Foods To Share.

Stuffed Peppers from This Week For Dinner

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We think this fresh recipe for stuffed peppers is a real winner. How could it not be? You have your veggies, some rice, some cheese, and ONE pan to boot. So many fresh ingredients, coincidentally gluten free (don't quote us on that, but based on the ingredients - we don't see any). The peppers are beautifully photographed by Jane from This Week for Dinner, although one wonders how she kept hungry mouths away while she shot them!