Pop-Up City Books from Design Mom

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Petit Pop-Up Books

Do you remember some of your favorite books from childhood? Our guess is your list probably includes at least one pop-up book. There's little more delightful to a kid (and grown-ups, for that matter) than the surprise of opening a cover to find characters and landscapes leaping off the page. Over at Design Mom, Gabrielle just featured a few new livres in her son's bibiloteque--Petit Pop-Up Panoramique books on London, New York and more. Find the English versions here.

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Sichuan Red Oil Wontons from Rasa Malaysia

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Sichuan Red Oil Wontons from Rasa Malaysia

There is never a bad time for stuffed dough. Whether cheese-packed ravioli, frosting-filled cannoli or pork-laden dumplings, stuffed dough is always welcomed at our table. Over at Rasa Malaysia, Bee Yinn Low confirms our belief in the power of a carb brimming with goodness: "The wonton has to be one of the most versatile foods ever to be created." She explains with a recipe for the Sichuan Red Oil Wonton, a spicy favorite on the best Sichuan take-out menus, and she even includes instructions for making the beautiful 'hand-crossed' wonton shape.

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Allergy-Free Thin Mints from Cybele Pascal

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Thin Mints for the Allergy-Prone

Girl Scout cookie season is upon us. It's rare occurrence when one turns down the opportunity to get a paw into a box sitting around the office or the kitchen. Who in her right mind doesn't love a Thin Mint or a Caramel deLite? Unfortunately, those with allergies or special dietary requirements can't always get in on the ephemeral Girl Scout cookie season. With a nod toward those who practice a gluten-free or vegan diet, Cybele Pascal posted a recipe for Allergy-Free Thin Mints. We haven't tried them, but they look just about right to us.

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